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The main purpose of ECCOS Impact GmbH is to initiate funds for Impact Investing and hold Interests and Assets.

In addition ECCOS Impact serves and nutures the ecosystem of Impact Investing. It serves as an Initiator, Researcher and Strategic Advisor on finance and sustainability to funds, governmental organizations, social businesses, and NGOs. The major focus is on Impact Investing and Sustainable Finance. Sustainable Finance has developed from a fig leaf for investors relations marketing to a powerful innovation and capital allocation tool with indispensable value in dynamic ever changing markets with many new players emerging in a grass root approach.

Sustainable Finance therefore has a strategic core. It needs to create strategic long term advantages, sustainable profits and societal value through collaborative approaches.

ECCOS Impact GmbH is expert in

  • Providing theories, methods, tools and investment approaches that can fulfil the UN Sustainable Development Goals
  • De-Risking assets and providing solutions that ensure the parity of profit, people and planet
  • Portfolio engineering
  • Financial mediation
  • Product innovation and creation of social capital
  • Triple bottom line cost benefit analysis
  • Integrated financial first plus impact first concepts
  • Using multi-stakeholder and multi-method concepts
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    Impact Investing  Investment Banking and CSR

    Karen Wendt
    Karen Wendt

    Founder Karen Wendt

    Karen Wendt Karen Wendt has more than 20 years of experience in investment banking with UniCredit and has been sitting in the board of the Equator Principles Financial Institutions Association (EPFI Association) for more than 7 years. She is a internationally recognized expert for de-risking assets, sustainable finance and positive impact investing. She has introduced and implemented multi-stakeholder dialogue as an innovation tool within UniCredit and the Equator Principles Financial Institutions Association, where she was responsible for outreach, stakeholder dialogue with Industry Associations, NGOs and Export Credit Agencies. She engaged likewise in conflict and dispute resolution mechanisms and mediation. She acted as change manager and developed frameworks for identification and mitigation of risks and impacts - financial and extra-financial for her institution as well as for the EPFI Association, where she was representing the Association in international committees activated by the Equator Principles like OECD, World Bank and UNEP. She has published a variety of articles about risk management frameworks, Integrated reporting and rating, organizational development, multi-stakeholder approaches and sustainable supply chains, responsible investment banking and positive impact investing. Karen is also lecturing at universities, Key Note Speaker and financial advisor. Her anthology “Responsible Investment Banking” ( has been published by Springer Science and Business Media. Her focus is on demonstrating that impact Investing based on a triple bottom line is feasible.

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